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My readers will forgive me, but right now I decided to touch upon such a hot topic as the use of the so-called Geogiev ribbon as a symbol of Victory, as an element of decoration or a chest symbol.

On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with this, because, according to Wikipedia, this symbol has its own history . But, for example, I would never use this symbol as a holiday, and here's why:

1. Firstly, I have no moral right . Indeed, A) even though my ancestors fought in this war, for which I thanks them and eternal memory, but personally I have nothing to do with this victory. To be proud of other people's merits is an so-so idea. It's not about me. Anyway, “suitability” is a derivative of the word “Pride”. I am not proud of the feat of my ancestors. I admire him. And as for the phrase "We remember! We are proud!" - for me, only the first part is valuable. B) the St. George ribbon was used as an element of awards, and I believe that only people who have accomplished the feat are entitled to wear this element. I didn’t make any feats - I think that wearing ordinary ribbon by ordinary people devalues its essence.

2. Previously, on Victory Day, Soviet veterans wore a red ribbon (see photo). The St. George ribbon became a symbol of victory only with the collapse of the USSR and is used as an element of "ideological" propaganda. It was a good idea at the beginning of the "Immortal Regiment", but it is discredited, because the right to hold immortal regiments was conferred by United Russia, which consisted entirely of thieves, and these events are now organized by pro-Kremlin organizations and are used precisely as an element of ideological and political propaganda. Indeed, during the celebration of Victory Day, in which not only millions of Soviet citizens (and the USSR, this is not only Russia) gave their lives, but also millions of others, including the Germans themselves, many of whom were against, the British, the Americans (who, incidentally, helped a lot economically and with land lending, for which the USSR never paid), etc. It turns out that Russia is trying to usurp this holiday and, in this regard, I am categorically against using the geogiev ribbon as a symbol of victory at this time.

3. The St. George ribbon, as I wrote above, is used as an element of propaganda. It is worn by the terrorists of Donetsk and Lugansk, the so-called "cheers-patriots" and other elements that are clearly not friends with logic and whose brain is able to perceive only TV-slop, and not common sense.

4. The St. George ribbon is devalued by its use by everyone and everything. I even organized a separate album at one time - "Victory" - here are some photos from the album:

The reasons for such a use of this symbol lie precisely in the shameless ideologically imposed "patriotic" propaganda, the purpose of which is not to honor the memory of the dead and not to repeat the past, but to appropriate the merits of previous generations and search for new incentives for national pride. And ordinary people, unfortunately, are not too smart and rational, and do not understand that they need to be proud of their own achievements, successes in the economy, social policy, and not saber-rattling, the seizure of foreign territories and a feat to which we have NO ATTITUDE !

This is an automatic translation.
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