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At present, many people have the opinion that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (non-aggression pact and secret protocols to it) was signed exclusively to delay the war and that other countries of Europe signed similar treaties. Like, what is the point of blaming the USSR for cooperation in Germany, if before that there was the so-called (in the USSR) "Munich conspiracy", as a result of which, former entente members and Germany signed an agreement on the redistribution of territories (for example, the Czechoslovak Sudetenland passed to Germany).

In fact, everything is so, yes ... not really!

1. Czechoslovakia. How the emergency state was formed in 1918 during the collapse of Austria-Hungary and with the active support of the Entente (military-political bloc and anti-German coalition of Russia, Great Britain and France) - the creation of this bloc was an attempt to prevent the hegemony of Germany on the continent, initially from Russia and France (France initially took an anti-German position), and then from the UK. The latter, in the face of the threat of German hegemony, was forced to abandon the traditional policy of "brilliant isolation" and move on to the policy of BLOCKING against the most powerful power on the continent.

In Germany, in turn, such a turn of events was announced by the "encirclement" and served as an occasion for new military preparations, positioned as purely defensive.

The confrontation between the Entente and the Triple Alliance led to the First World War, where the enemy of the Entente and its allies was a bloc of Central Powers, in which Germany played a leading role.

2. Later, historians and experts recognized the fact that the cause of the First World War was approximately the same behavior of all parties to the conflict - not only Germany, but also the Entente (Russia, France, later Great Britain), as well as the latter’s policy. The main reason for the outbreak of the First World War is the Entente, especially England, France and Austria-Hungary, striving for a redivision of the world! This is also a generally accepted historical fact, which is also recognized in Russia, which was a member of the Entente (do not forget this IMPORTANT fact)! In addition to the reasons, of course, there was a reason - the murder of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

3. Following the results of the First World War, humiliated and defeated Germany was named the main culprit! And by the decision imposed by the Entente, and by the end of the signing of the Versailles Peace Treaty, Germany not only LOST A PART OF THE TERRITORIES, but also was obliged to pay reparations!

4. For completely objective reasons, the Germans did not like this injustice. And with the advent of Hitler, who just “played” to restore justice, the Nazi policy supported by the German nation led to the fact that, under pressure from Germany’s growing military power, the former coalition countries were forced to “pay off” in order to alleviate the hunger for justice, by the signing of the Munich Agreement, as a result of which Germany transferred part of the territory of Czechoslovakia (the Sudeten region, in which the MOST of the population were GERMANS, formerly German citizens, and now ... Czechoslovakia - unconditionally , Nazi propaganda influenced the Sudeten Germans, which is already there, but no less a desire to restore justice).

5. BUT WHAT WAS BEFORE THE JUDGES ??? Czechoslovakia was then ACTIVELY supported by the USSR. Initially, there was NO SPEECH ABOUT the military invasion! Hitler went on to negotiate. Negotiations were conducted between Henlein and the Czechoslovak government through the mediation of the British Special Representative, Lord Rensimen. On May 21, 1938, the Polish ambassador in Paris, Lukasevich, assured the US ambassador to France Bullitt that Poland would immediately declare war on the USSR if he tried to send troops through Polish territory to help Czechoslovakia. On May 27, in an interview with the Polish Ambassador, French Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet stated that (I am putting it in a separate paragraph, because this statement is EXTREMELY important for understanding the point):

 "Goering’s plan to divide Czechoslovakia between Germany and Hungary with the transfer of Tieszyn Silesia to Poland is not a secret!" 



1. The redistribution of young Czechoslovakia was, de facto, the final completion of the First World War and the revision of a number of Versailles Peace agreements - all parties recognized the injustice of these agreements.

2. As for the Munich Agreements, they did not envisage military cooperation! And they concerned exclusively the completion of the First World Redistribution of the ownership of territories. After all, the Czech government took an implacable position, the negotiations were not successful.

3. But, unlike the Munich Agreements, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact provided for MILITARY COOPERATION of the two powers - Germany and the USSR , as well as the REDESIGN OF EUROPE following this cooperation - a secret additional protocol was added to the agreement on the delimitation of areas of interest in Eastern Europe in case "Territorial and political reorganization." The protocol provided for the inclusion of Latvia, Estonia, Finland, the eastern "regions that make up the Polish state", and Bessarabia in the sphere of interests of the USSR. Lithuania and the western part of Poland were assigned to Germany.

TALK THAT "the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact saved the USSR from a quick and inevitable defeat" in the key to the sole purpose of this document - FALSE! After all, the pact provided not only an agreement on non-aggression, but also military cooperation and the redivision of Europe!

Speak exclusively about the "salvation" of this pact = LIE!


The generally accepted start date for World War II is September 1, 1939. This date was also recognized in the USSR and is recognized in modern Russia (probably, for now, it is recognized, judging by the trends of historical recession).

So. On September 1, 1939, the German armed forces crossed the borders of Poland, Slovakian troops also took part in the fighting on the German side, a little later this provoked the declaration of war by England, France and other countries that had allied obligations with Poland. ON THE SAME DAY, September 1, the general conscription was introduced in the Soviet Union. At the same time, the draft age was reduced from 21 to 19 years, and for some categories to 18 years. The law immediately entered into force, and in a short time the army reached 5 million people, which amounted to about 3% of the population.

NEXT IMPORTANT! On the morning of September 17, in accordance with the terms of the secret supplementary protocol to the non-aggression treaty between the USSR and Germany, the Soviet Union deployed its troops into the eastern regions of Poland! Internal propaganda in the USSR declares that "the Red Army takes protection of the fraternal peoples." Although, the cruelty of the Red Army in the Polish territories and the subsequent execution of tens of thousands of Polish officers suggests the opposite.


Further, on the fact of the partition of Poland and the beginning of the Second World War, a JOINT parade of the Red Army and Wehrmacht troops was held in Brest - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permanent_wehrmacht_and_RKKA_in Brest

This parade was held on September 22, 1939, 21 days after the start of the war!

All these facts indicate that the USSR and Germany not only signed a non-aggression pact, but WERE MILITARY ALLIES in this war (at least until the German invasion of the USSR in 41 years) and bear, although to varying degrees, BUT RESPONSIBILITY for its beginning!


This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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