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Often I hear from people - “ Everything suits me. Not satisfied - Wali from the country . "

What would you like to tell them? ...

Guys. Believe me, everything suits you before the first boom.

Before the first late ambulance for an hour, when a relative has a heart attack.

Up to the first bottle of champagne in your ass, at the police station.

Before the first tossed up drug.

Until the first unlawful decision in court, when your relative was killed, and the criminal was released.

Before the first beating up in the prison cell by the guard, if you got there.

Before the first sentence - “Such operations are not done in Russia. Fly to Israel for treatment. ”

In short, before the first failure in a good life. Before the first - there is no “anesthetic”!

I know that people are starting to do this. To write: “ATTENTION REPOST! Help spread the word. Let's betray this lawlessness. ”

Believe me. You will begin to do the same. You will be greatly perturbed - “How is that? I'm all good! It is an accident. Gaps in the field. " How come? How come?

And so, guys. It's not about who is good and who is bad. The point is in the system, which generally do not care. It is so arranged.

To catch and punish the offender - you have to go out in a crowd of people and crush the mall. To give retirement - to write personally to Gref. To get high-quality treatment - arrange a collection of money through SMS on the first channel. To punish a high-handed police officer - to make his actions public, throwing social networks with pleas for repost. In order for you to return the stolen money for shared construction - to block the federal highway!

Everything. Only in this way and in another way this system DOES NOT WORK. Point.

And it's not that I wish you this. The fact is that anyone can be in this situation.

The paradox in this case is that no one remembers, of their own words, “I AM ALL THROUGH ALL”. And he does not remember that human rights activists were in the country, and now they are NGOs. Wham and they are not. There was a committee against torture - now an NPO. Wham and they are not. There were guys like me who went to rallies and demanded to change the system. But you insistently told them - get out of the country. Whack and they left.

And notice. Those who left did not want any revolutions that frightened you from the TV. This is also a paradox. Out of the country, people are being squeezed out and have already squeezed out those to whom you could first turn for help. Those who tried to change the system so that neither they nor you are in such a situation.
The person who says “I am satisfied with everything today” in my opinion is a narrow-minded person. Not thinking about the future. Not counting options. Living for today. In fact - a man with no future. And what future awaits the country, if people live in it without a future? ..

(c) Mikhail Yezhov


This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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