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I read here a post in the FB "Pro Children and Assholes". Dispersed ...

I, perhaps, will make a coming-out and tell you how it happens "on the other side" ... For I have every right to do so (why, you will understand below). In the last marriage I have a wonderful son - Nazar. When we met the "former" I knew that she had several lovers (including the husband of her neighbor, with whom she "FRIENDS" - an important point, she did not hide this from me). I thought, yes, and the phalos with him, we will have everything 100% like people - this is the same true love Ms. When my son was 3 years old, I learned that the spouses had not changed their “past habits,” except for her lovers — no, she no longer sleeps with her husband’s husband, but with my (!!!) ex-boyfriend I’LLEARE.

Son at this point was 3 years old. I experienced a lot, I already lost 15 kg. Stressed. I didn’t understand how, why, who the hell was for such a disease — I know, I always agreed with the statement that there are always two to blame for divorces, but the logic suggested that something was wrong here if the husband’s habits did not change, then there may be something else ???

Parted. Divorced My son lived with my mother, then with me (I rented an apartment in minute availability), as a rule, I was 50/50 in time, then with my mother — approximately 2-3 years ago, and I lived. Evil was the whole feminine - cynic became terrible. He didn’t believe in love, and women turned for me into an object where you can “poke” with pleasure, nothing more.

To say that I didn’t mind "the son" didn’t say ANYTHING! For the main proof is that I was not only a Sunday dad, but also a dad for all possible 50% +. Incidentally, I first visited Montenegro with my son when I was divorced.

But then the “attack” of the former happened - she got sick ... So much so that she already called me from the hospital and, crying into the phone, said that "a certain woman told her, they say, your life is to blame for your illness and there is a person to whom caused a lot of pain - your ex-husband. " So and so, he says, forgive me for the last time, for the sake of my son, I was mistaken, they say, well, it does not happen to anyone.

I began to worry terribly - how is it that Ms.'s son without a mother can stay. Must be supported. Tired of being a cynic. I thought, thought, hell, I think, with insults, with whom it does not happen. I'll give you a second chance. I say, ok, but let's go live in Montenegro.

And so they agreed when their son turned 6. We moved immediately to Montenegro. Son went to class 0. I was happy at first. Past life and past lovers remained in Russia. We are in Montenegro. Spouse successfully cured of the disease. Everything is super. For the sake of his son got involved in the opening of the football club "Tornado". Helped, the site did, physically helped. I thought, let the child grow up healthy and happy, play football, breathe fresh air.

But by chance, from a general acquaintance from Moscow, I learned some information from Koya, and also that the “former friend” and my ex-lover, keeps in touch with her))) how lovely, I thought. No, I think that's enough of a fool to do. I talked seriously. But something broke in me. I understood that this “bLad” will remain with her - in any husbands, in any circumstances, in any of my actions - whether I want it or not. I thought and decided that I would remain calm for the sake of my son — let him live here, let him have the semblance of a family, and if I have something on the side, my conscience will be 100% clear. I will have neither responsibility nor remorse. Those who caught her "antics" and who knows her closely - understand what I mean ...

She went to Moscow, taking her son. The son did not want to leave at first, there were friends, football, but then, after several of her "conversations and manipulations," he suddenly "wanted." Well, OK. Around this period, I met Katya (for, as you understood, I no longer limited myself to dealing with the female sex), but then the opportunity turned out to be in love. That took and vtyuhalsya.

Former spouse on departure was not going to divorce. I can also have more fuck with me - I'm here, I have money, lovers are near - class. But the most nightmare began when she found out about Katya. I began to write to everyone in a personal note what kind of a “mend” I was, I left my family for the sake of “prostitute Katya” - in general I didn’t take it with you, you know, and left it out of the blue. ”And they all started writing to me - Mariana Avtandilova, for example, wrote that I am a “scoundrel and scum” - how could I leave a woman with 4 children !!! The fact that 3 of them from her first marriage and almost adults didn’t bother her. That I love my son and do not refuse him - also Not embarrassed. The fact that the former - “ordinary ladies" "also did not explain to the woman. He sent Avtandilovu nahy. But the nightmare was aggravated by the fact that the former has set up his son - he is He made it clear to the phone that he didn’t want to see me, I don’t need to come and in general, he is no longer a son. Well, ok, I thought, to set up a 7-year-old child - any fool can. He came. In personal contact, he made it clear that this is his Okay, I say, son, do not pay attention, everything will be fine.

But having learned about this conversation, the former again "conjured" and the son wrote in a personal "LEAVE MY MY LIFE" (Katya is a witness). Then she requested permission to change her last name. And voila - a son who lived after a divorce with me, who in any situation chose his father, suddenly took the side of his mother (naturally, he did not know anything about her lovers and lifestyle - I’m not the last to devote him to it).

Today, 3 years have passed since I have never communicated with my son - lawyers say in one voice that it is almost useless to oblige the mother to provide communication to the court - if she ignores the decision, she will not get anything, and her son will be even more injured .

Now, mothers, imagine that your child declares to you that you are no longer my mother. Puts the phone down. Do not break into the apartment. Do not kill the same former spouse. That's how I live, I have not heard my son for 3 years and I don’t see it. Only from mutual friends find out how he and that.

And despite the fact that for 3 years I heard nothing about the spirit, I regularly paid. BUT ONLY 3 MONTHS BACK decided to ENOUGH. Now I will pay a minimum of 8 thousand for Moscow. At least, until the situation changes for the better and normal communication begins. The spouse has 3 apartments, one of which she rents, she does not live in poverty. I see no other way to solve my problem. And until I get the opportunity to communicate with my son on an equal footing, without the participation of the mother, it will be so.

Well, the "country of advice"? Come on, tell me what a bastard I am.

This is an automatic translation.
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