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Mikhail Efremov was once asked - "Michael, why do not you like Russia so much?". And here is what he said:

"The question implies that I will now rush to justify myself, prove that I love." And of course it means that you really love Russia.

This conversation is too serious. And to some extent meaningless. His homeland, Germany, was loved by the crew of the German submarine, sinking the Northern convoys. And the Chekist, who killed the royal children, loved Russia and did it for the sake of Russia's interests.

I can tell you that I do not LOVE in this world.

I DO NOT LOVE hypocrisy. I do not like lies, rudeness. I do not like it when the strong mock the weak. I do not like it when people kill each other. I do not like it when they do not have their opinion. I do not like to shut up my mouth, even to those whom I do not like.

I WANT to respect my Motherland. Respected for new technologies, for modern factories, for beautiful and clean cities, high-quality and inexpensive goods. For our beautiful women, for hard-working and kind men. I want other countries to dream of joining us not from despair, and not because we have higher pensions, but because we have a fairer society and breathe easier. To us to travel not with juvenile prostitutes to have fun, but to be treated for diseases that no one, except our doctors, will cure.

I do not want Russia to be feared and hated. I do not want to see Russians abroad as aggressive and hamovaty, unable to behave people. For the whole world to think of my country as an aggressor. I do not want us to rank first in terms of corruption and infant mortality. I do not want my people to be massively propagated into a unanimous crowd.

And I DO NOT DISTURB our problems! I'm getting dressed!

I scoff at those people in the Russian people, because of which Russia is not doing what I WANT to see it, but the way I see Russia I DO NOT WANT. "

(c) Mikhail Efremov, theater and cinema actor

PS I subscribe to every word of it.

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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