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Blog "Новичков Максим на QWERTY.blog"

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The international blog-platform Qwerty.blog announces the launch of functionality that provides opportunities for work and, most importantly, earnings for bloggers and journalists.

Work as a blogger or journalist thanks to Qwerty is now available to everyone - the system automatically charges 1 WMC ( What is WMC? ) For each unique viewing of the article written, which corresponds to 1 US cent. In fact, anyone can receive real money for their own posts in their own blog. Yes, yes, that's the way - to start earning enough to create your own blog and write an interesting article, and the more interesting it is, the more will make up your earnings. So, for example, for 2000 unique readings of your article, you will receive 10 euros. And if article 10 or 100? And if you are a popular blogger whose articles are read by thousands or tens of thousands of readers?

It is worth mentioning separately that the "unique reading" (an event for which remuneration is paid to the blogger's balance) is considered not just the opening of the article, but the fact of the user's delay on the page of your material for at least 30 seconds. Those. The material should be interesting, so that users can read it and do not leave at once. It is also important that the user is unique - i.e. If a user has logged in to your blog, read an article (for which you are credited), then the reading by the same user of the next article will no longer be counted - this is done so that bloggers are motivated to expand the audience of their blogs, attract new visitors .

In other words, this is a mutually beneficial partnership program, in which the blog platform Qwerty.blog provides work for journalists and bloggers, and most importantly - opportunities for earning money on the blog, developing their own blog through financial support from the system.

Register, create blogs and earn with Qwerty!

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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