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Blog "Новичков Максим на QWERTY.blog"

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A few days ago we launched the blog platform QWERTY.blog . Briefly about her capabilities I wrote here - https://max.qwerty.blog/14

We live in a difficult time. The political processes taking place in a number of countries, including Russia, lead to unjustified harassment of bloggers and users of social networks. That LJ "surrendered position" - http://philologist.livejournal.com/9222572.html ((Apparently, they put the interests of business above the interests of their own community, which this business supported.) Sorry ...

Working on the "quart" I always thought about it. Having enough experience in developing software and modules for information security, encryption systems, and protecting servers in data networks, I wanted to apply all my knowledge and ideas in this project.

Speaking about the Russian realities, I want to say at once - NO, of course I'm not going to break any laws and acts, but ... only if they do not contradict the main and basic law - the Constitution of the Russian Federation. And for me also the "law of conscience." I hereby publicly declare that I plan to defend in every possible way the rights of bloggers registered on Qwerty, applying for this all possible technical and legal opportunities. In particular, observing the law on the storage of personal data of users from Russia on servers in the Russian Federation - I plan to do so, but (!) The law does not prohibit (for the safety of users) to store this data in a form in which they can not be used , not understanding the structure and algorithms of the project, even in the case of the removal of servers. The same applies to protecting the project from ddos ​​attacks, encryption when transferring forms, storing passwords and other confidential information.

So today, the next planned step is made - established a skvznoy (for all subdomains and domains of the project) SSL- certificate.

And that's not it. In the future, we want to connect the ability to park domains + proxy traffic to the project through a network of proxy servers, which will help to quickly monitor IP locks or individual blogs and technically counteract this, but only if these locks are politically motivated and unjustified. In no case will we not defend calls for violence and other manifestations of users that are clearly overstepping the law. But in all other respects Qwerty users can be sure - their security is at the forefront. Like freedom of speech. And I wrote this in the "About the Project" section. Not just.

Sign up! Create blogs! Write the truth! Do not be afraid! We are on your side.

Me and my team.

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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