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Blog "Новичков Максим на QWERTY.blog"

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Friends, I would like to inform you about the start of open registration for QWERTY.blog (a new fully functional blog platform). This is a personal project, which I did "optional", as they say, but I plan to develop it to a full-fledged social network. So, what else "can" Qwerty.blog v1.0 and what you will see in the fast updates:

Version 1 of our blog platform allows:

  • Create not only personal blogs, but also communities - public blogs that allow you to accept posts from other participants for moderation or an open publication (depending on your blog settings).
  • Create closed communities and blogs protected by passwords.
  • Manage the journalists of your blog.
  • To correspond with other participants and authors.
  • Ban access of certain members to your blogs.
  • Publish posts with source code (with the ability to highlight syntax PHP, HTML, etc.). For example:
 $tcontent = file_get_contents(TEMPLATES.$tname.".tpl"); $html = new simple_html_dom(); $html = str_get_html($tcontent); foreach($html ->find('nottranslate') as $item) { $item->outertext = ''; } 
  • Store images.
  • Park your own domains.

And in general, the functionality of "Quart" tried to make the most convenient. Usability is at the forefront!

A few words to IT-friends:

A) Qwerty, like Facebook, uses the technology of "aggressive caching" of requests and is designed for a high load (the last tests I conducted, sustained more than 3,000 calls to the platform per second - just on one node - and I'm talking about real actions - Such as requesting comments, publishing them, posting posts on different parameters). By the way, the main node is behind the fortiguard, providing protection from ddos ​​(while up to 500Mbit), but next week there will be a "fiche" that will cut abnormal traffic to gigabit.

B) I came up to 32 thousand comments in one post - I did not go any further (meaning?), Because The load is almost not affected - comments, like posts, are loaded with "ayaks", and requests to the database are cached.

C) As for the database - at the 2nd stage we will move on to nosql (I think, until mongodb, then it will be seen) - now we are testing MySQL (testing - this does not mean that you will lose your articles and posts - ALL SAVE and migrate - not Experience).

D) I used my engine and a specially designed templating engine - all for the sake of speed and solving problems with high load, as well as multilingual support. As for the latter, QWERTY is already available in 47 languages ​​(flaws, of course, are not ruled out, but "user-moderation of phrases" will soon be available). The same language engine will be used on our other project - Aparto.me! Now the engine allows you to translate the content in the following languages:

Version 2 Qwerty will allow video broadcasts. In addition, new versions will introduce cross-hosting functionality.

I also plan to open an API for posting from other services and applications. But here one "nuance" - on the one hand, I would like to do everything that is in other services + something else unique, and on the other - I do not want to turn Qwerty into a "garbage" - I want to write unique texts and publish Interesting materials.

How to proceed? Allow cross-posting to please "like everyone else" or ban it with "Quarti" policy? Cool

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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